How to Make Sure Your Dog Is Comfortable In Your Home

How to Make Sure Your Dog Is Comfortable In Your Home

If you have recently purchased a dog this year and have the feeling that your dog is uncomfortable in your home, there may be a few reasons to explain this. Just like humans, dogs need to feel comfortable with the people they are around in order to be completely themselves around you. If you feel like your dog hasn’t broken out of their shell yet and is still a bit standoffish with you than you may want to consider improving these things for your dog.Does your dog have a comfortable place to rest?

Dog beds are super important.

Dogs need a place of their own to sleep just like humans do. If they are constantly bothered with playtime and no time to themselves, they may be standoffish because they are exhausted. Dogs need space just like humans do. If you think that letting them play outside is enough, you should reconsider and get try getting dog beds for your new animals.

Are you feeding your dog properly?

This is important for any animal in your house. Like we’ve said before dogs are a lot like humans in many aspects. They need a proper nutritional diets. Consult with a veterinarian if you have questions regarding what you should be feeding your dog.

Are you spending enough time with your dog?

If you have a normal 9-5 job and no one else at home to play with your dog you may want to consider hiring a dog sitter to make sure your dog is living a comfortable life. Most dogs crave and desire the comforts of being around family so try to spend as much time as possible with your pups or make arrangements so that they’re not alone for long.

After taking these questions into consideration you should start to notice your dog breaking out of their shell a little bit more. Especially now that they have comfortable dog beds. These can make a huge difference in your dog’s life and your relationship with your pup.

The Best Dog Breeds This Year

Are you looking for the best dog breeds of 2019? Well every dog breed is unique in their own way. Many of these dogs have different personalities that are similar to humans. There are lots and lots personalities that these dogs portray that range from loving to charismatic to extremely adventurous. Here are a few dogs that match these different personalities. If you are looking for a specific dog with a certain personality here’s some help.

  1. If you’re looking for an adventurous dog breed. The famous Labrador Retriever from the movie Marley and Me is exactly the dog you need to be your adventure buddy this year. These dogs love outdoor excursions and lake days. They are not afraid to get messy if that’s the type of fun that you like to have. They will be the best adventure buddy you could ever ask for this year.
  2. Most affectionate dog breed for a family. The best dog for a big family comes down to Frenchie pups. These dogs are one of the most fun and loving dogs that enjoy every moment spent with their family. Frenchie pups not only understand younger children’s playtime needs but also respect the boundaries of your older children too. Frenchie pups are super affectionate and do not like to be left out of family time.
  3. The most outgoing dog breed. The Pug has always been known for being extremely outgoing. These dogs know how to make their owners smile and have a great day. They are also not afraid to communicate their needs. These dogs do not grow to be that big in size so they won’t take up too much space in your home.

Hopefully this list of personalities with matching dogs helps you out a little bit. Making a decision on which dog breed to buy can be extremely hard if you have no idea what these dogs personalities are like. The most important thing to do is speak with one of our staff members! We can point you in the right direction and help you with this important decision.

Why Buying Newborn Puppies Is Important

There are billions of dogs for sale almost everywhere. These dogs are all special in their own ways but there is nothing like buying a newborn dog for someone this year. A lot of people are afraid of buying newborn dogs because they don’t understand the requirements associated with this decision. These puppies are extremely special and cute dogs for sale on the planet. There are tons of important reasons why you should buy a newborn puppy instead of one that’s already in their teens for furry companion that will mean so much to you.

  1. They will spend their whole lives with the person you buy the dog for. Dogs do not age the same way that humans do which means that you have up to 13 years with these special creatures. It would be terribly sad if you bought a dog that was already through their life expectancy and their owner did not get to spend that much time with them.
  2. These dogs will develop a very special bond with their owner. It is true that dogs are imprinters. This means that as soon as they find someone who’s trusting and loving to them they will attach to them and always try to protect them. If this doesn’t sound like the best bond anyone could ask for then maybe you need to experience a relationship like this yourself and purchase one of our cute dogs for sale.
  3. They will be able to train them how they want. This is special because you and the puppy will be able to develop a very special bond with one another. If you don’t believe you’re ready enough to have a real baby this is your opportunity to test! Perhaps you can train this dog to have discipline and respect you and those around you like you would for a real baby.

One of the most special gifts you could give this year is buying either yourself or someone else a newborn puppy. There are dozens upon dozens of very cute dogs for sale that would love to spend their lives with you. Contact us today for more information on our precious puppies.

Valentine’s Day Gift For Mom

One of the hardest presents to think of is a Valentine’s Day gift for your mother. A lot of people forget that you should give your mom the gift of love for Valentine’s Day as well as your significant other. It’s important that you don’t forget about your mom because you’ve never stopped being the love of her life. The best idea anyone can think of is buying a puppy for her, so start searching “puppies for sale near me,” today! Here are some reasons you should get her an adorable puppy this Valentine’s Day.

She will not feel lonely.

This is the most important thing to remember when considering whether or not you should buy your mother a puppy this Valentine’s Day. This is important to consider because now that you are in a relationship, she may feel like she no longer gets to spend that much time with you anymore. The constant reminder that you bought her this dog will remind her that you care a lot about her.

She’ll have a snuggle buddy again.

It can be hard to leave your single mother alone, but part of growing up is leaving home and starting your own life. You no longer have to feel guilty that she has no one to snuggle with if you get her a puppy that loves affection and spending quality time with their owners.

She’ll love the attention.

One of the best characteristics about dogs is that they really love spending time with their owners. Not only will this make your mother extremely happy to have someone who pays attention to her basically 24/7 but she’ll never have an opportunity to get bored because of these connection building animals.

All in all, you should not second guess buying your mother a puppy this Valentine’s Day. All you have to do is search for puppies for sale near me and you’ll find one of your dozens of puppies ready to be purchased and have a friend just like your mother. Dogs are extremely affectionate and loving animals that will not let down the person that means the world to you, your mother.

5 Reasons to Get St. Bernard Puppies

We’ve written an entire post about our St. Bernard puppies because they deserve it.

They’re far more than the cliche image wearing a barrel of brandy around their necks. These big and beautiful pups have so much more to offer than a photo op. Take a look at five reasons we think you should consider getting one of our Saint Bernard puppies.

Their Intelligence

St. Bernards belong to the working dog breeds group and that’s because they’re incredibly smart and quick to learn. Guess what. All you need to give them is 15 good minutes of training each day and you’ll have one of the most intelligent dogs out there.

Their Vast History

The St. Bernard dog rose to fame in the late 1600s at the Great Saint Bernard Hospice. St. Bernard puppies were initially bred to pull carts and act as watchdogs. Soon they became known as snow dogs who loved to frolic and play in it and the cliche image was born.

Their Temperament

We’ve already talked about their intelligence, but we haven’t begun to cover their overall affable dispositions. These dogs are the creme de la creme! They are smart, sweet, eager to please, and great with kids. Because they are such family dogs, they absolutely hate being alone for long periods time. They truly thrive off of being around family and they feel oh so sad when they’re left out…so don’t!

They’re Great Watchdogs

As watchdogs, they will fiercely protect your home and anyone in it. Just because they’re sweet doesn’t mean they aren’t ideal home protectors. Trust us, you don’t want to challenge Saint Bernard puppies who have grown to adults.

Their Activity Levels

Because they were bred as outdoorsy working dogs, their activity levels reflect that. Be mindful of outside activities during the summer because their thick coats can make them extremely hot and overheat. Overall, they are rather active dogs and they will benefit from daily exercises and they will enjoy every minute of it!


5 Tips for Naming Your Petland Puppies

Part of the fun of getting a new puppy is the naming process!

This is an opportunity for you and your family to get creative in naming one of your Petland puppies. To help you out, here are five tips for naming your new furry family member.


Think of how often you’re going to call your dog’s name (which is pretty) and where you’ll be. For instance, it’s likely that you’ll be in public and at dog parks. Do you really want to call out an inappropriate name at the park?! Maybe you do, we aren’t here to judge, we just want to throw it out there for you to be mindful of what you name your pup.

Consider What Your Dog Hears

Another tip for naming your dog is to give her a name that is easy for her to understand and hear. There’s a science to it actually. Petland puppies aren’t named until they go home with their owner but we like to address them as “sweetie” or “baby.” In your home, you’ll want something simple and easy to decipher. Names starting with the letters D, T, or K are easy. Sometimes S or F are hard and confusing for them.

Avoid Words That Command

We have to say this, but we think you are likely to agree with us. Avoid naming your dog anything close to a command you’d want to teach. Actually, stay away from words that rhyme with the commands, too. For instance, you don’t want to name your dog “Faye” because she’d get confused with the word “stay,” and neither of you wants that!

Lineage Naming

Maybe you want to name your pup something that is dedicated to her lineage. Sometimes new pet owners name our Petland puppies after the origin of the country for the specific breed. Is your dog an American breed like a Boston Terrier? Maybe you’d name him “Boston” or Massey for Massachusetts. You’re free to take this name by the way. We don’t own the rights!

Size Matters

Over your lifetime, how many dogs have you encountered or even seen on TV that was little but named Brutus? What about big dogs named Tiny? You get where we’re going with this. You can get playful and switch it up by naming your new Petland puppies after the opposite of their size or directly after their size.


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

As a pet owner, sometimes you just need your own space, especially when you have medium dog breeds.

They aren’t small enough to not be intrusive, but they’re large enough to feel their presence. Do you want to get your dog a bed of his own but not sure how? We’ve got a list for that! Continue reading to learn more.

No Floor No More

When selecting a special bed for your pup, you should know your dog’s personality. Some dogs don’t like sleeping on the floor…they’re kinda rare but they exist! For the elite royal group, there are raised dog beds to suit them just fine. Medium dog breeds will enjoy not being on a cold floor.

Wrapped in a Ball

Haven’t you seen popular memes of medium dog breeds squeezing into the bed of a small dog? They’re funny and quite frankly the dogs look comfortable. Sometimes they like to be in smaller spaces. If your pup fits this category, there are bagel/doughnut-shaped beds that will help to perfect their sleeping ball position.

Welcome Mat

Many dogs like to stretch out so, for those pups, they’d fancy mat beds. These are big square pads that sit directly on the floor. It allows your furry baby to get comfortable and rest in any position they’d like, as long as they’re not on a cold hard floor they’re happy.

Tent Time

There are some dogs who really love to have their own hidden spaces. There’s a bed for that. Check out beds that are made like tents or caves. They can get in there and get their rest and sleep on with no interruptions at all!

Cleaning Quarters

No matter the type of bed that you choose, we highly recommend each bed has something that is removable and washable. This is important and will allow you to take off the outer layer and seamlessly pop it in the washing machine to get rid of any dirt or hair that’s been collecting over time.

The Nose Knows – 5 Facts About Dog’s Sense of Smell

There’s is one thing for sure, a dog has a strong sense of smell.

It doesn’t matter if they are hybrid puppies or purebred, all dogs possess this strong sense. So basically they can hear better than us and they have an amazing sense of smell! How much do you know about a dog’s nose? To learn more, continue reading.

Their sense of smell is stronger than ours.

When it comes to the sensitivity of a dog’s nose, you should know that they beat humans in this category, hands down! There’s no getting around it. Sure there are variables that contribute to what they can smell, but facts are facts. There’s a cool analogy that sheds light on just how strong they are. When you walk into a doughnut shop, you smell the sweet glaze on doughnuts or coffee scents. If one of your hybrid puppies walked into the same shop, he’d smell the ingredients of the sweet glazed doughnut. Makes sense?

You stink…

…to dogs that is. Even though you’ve showered and sprayed your smell goods all around you, to a dog it’s putrid! We are stinky to them, but they love us regardless, as do we to them!

There’s no tricking a dog’s scent.

Research has shown that a dog’s sense of smell can easily pick up on and detect anxiety, fear, and sadness. An increased heart rate and blood flow are normally accompanied by fear or anxiety. When this happens our body chemicals rise more quickly to the surface of the skin and guess what…your dog smells that! So, if you’re feeling anxious and try to brush it off with a smile around your dog, don’t think for a second that they’re buying it. They’ve already sniffed you out!

Did you know a dog’s nose has two functions?

This is true! One function is for smell and the other is for respiration. If you’ve got hybrid puppies or purebred ones, it’s all the same. The dog’s nose has the ability to separate air. A portion goes directly to the olfactory sensing area (for scents), and the other portion is dedicated strictly to breathing.

They breathe in and out simultaneously.

Dogs also have the interesting ability to breathe in and let out air at the same time! When a dog is sniffing, it creates a circulation of air, unlike with humans. We can do one other the other but not at the same time.

The Truth Behind How Old Is a Dog in Human Years

For as long as you can remember, there’s always been a distinction between the age of a dog in “dog years” versus that of human years.

Are you ready to really learn how old is a dog in human years and if that really means anything? As always, we are going to shed light on another dog topic that has people talking. Keep reading to learn more.

The First Year

As much as there is an easy topic that compares the age of dogs to the age of humans, we know that it’s a controversial subject. What is commonly circulated is that for every human year, there are 7 dog years in comparison. The reality is that it doesn’t matter the breed, all dogs will develop and age very similar to 15 human years in their first year of life. You read that right. In the first 5 months, your pup will lose teeth and by seven months old, they will have all of their adult teeth.

The “Terrible Twos”

Once again, as in the first year, the second year of your pup’s life will be the same regardless of the breed or size. They will all age pretty much at the same rate, with little variants. During the “terrible twos” your dog will age a total of 9 human years. So how old is a dog in human years? This means that after only 2 years, your dog is already past the human legal drinking age and well into their mid-20s!

Puberty Time

Small dog breeds grow much faster out of the puppy stage than larger dogs but they will eventually catch up to them. Large dogs reach middle age faster than small dogs.

40 Fine

In your dog’s fifth year of living in the big world, this is when they start a little more rapidly. Small dogs weighing 20 pounds or less are approximately 40 in human years while they are only 6 in dog years. For larger dogs, add 2 more years.

Senior Dogs

If you can believe it, after only 6 years of living, your dog will technically be considered a senior dog. They will continue to age anywhere from 3 to 5 years over just 1 human year.


Your Pup is Pooped!

As pet parents, one of the most endearing things to do is watch your pup sleep.

They’re just so stinkin’ cute and at times, even in their sleep, they’re quite entertaining. Sometimes they look peaceful and other times they look like they’re putting up a fight, with no enemy in sight! We have spent time watching our Bichon Frise puppies for sale and we have to say that they equally adorable asleep as they are awake! Ever wonder what’s behind their sleeping positions and twitching? Read on to learn more about those sleeping beauties.

Tummy Time

This position is as obvious as its name, but sometimes referred to as the “Superman.” Your pup is lying flat on its tummy. Because they’re so young, puppies tend to need to nap often and this position puts them in, well…a position, where they can pop up at a moment’s notice to check out their surroundings. Dogs that sleep like this refuse to miss out on any action.

On The Side

When you see your Bichon Frise puppies sleeping on their side, this is a sign that they’re comfortable and feel pretty safe in their environment. Pups that sleep like this seems to be relaxed. They may switch positions if someone or someplace is unfamiliar with them. When they’re on their side, their limbs are free to move and you may see twitching and kicking commonly.

Back Down and Paws Up

This is a funny position. If you purchased something other than one of our Bichon Frise puppies for sale, you’ll still think the same thing. Though it may be comical, there’s some practicality to it. When dogs sleep on their backs it helps to keep them cool. When you see dogs resting like this, rest assured that they are beyond comfortable in their surroundings! They couldn’t be more relaxed or feel more secure. They haven’t a care in the world!

Balled Up

This is one of the more common positions that you’ll see while dogs are sleeping, especially in fall and winter months. Haven’t you seen pics of big dogs plopped down in doggy beds fit for small Bichon Frise puppies? They are literally curled up in a ball, nose-to-tail. It’s hilarious! Their movements are restricted so you’ll see less twitching and dancing in their sleep! Dogs in the wild sleep like this often to protect vital organs and conserve heat. This is also a favored position that allows them to get up quickly.


Ahhh, if you’re one of those pet parents who allow your pups to nap in your bed then you’re surely accustomed to this position, albeit not every night. This is when you’ll feel your pup snuggled beside you with his back to your tummy. If you have other dogs, you may see them back-to-back to each other. This is one of the most comfortable positions for Bichon Frise puppies or any puppy for that matter. They are relaxed, comfortable, and feel loved, which is the ultimate goal!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and learned a little more about how and why dogs sleep the way that they do. We have Bichon Frise puppies for sale waiting to snuggle with you! Take a look at all of our available puppies by clicking here and then come to pay us a visit!


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