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    Purebred Puppies
    The Barking Boutique offers a large variety of purpose-bred puppies
    as well as high-quality puppy supplies and accessories.
  • Puppy Adoption Big Rapids, MI
    Certified Breeders
    All breeders must meet a high standard of quality, including
    allowing all puppies time to socialize and exercise.
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    Beautiful Dogs
    The Barking Boutique has an Every Day Veterinarian and Assistant,
    in addition to an advisory board including a breeder & trainer.

Dog & Puppy Adoption Services Big Rapids MI

As a locally founded and owned, The Barking Boutique has put a major emphasis on creating a new standard for Big Rapids puppy adoptions through personally inspected and approved breeders. Through these actions, The Barking Boutique has quickly become a responsible source for families to adopt their next purebred or purpose-bred puppy adoptions.

The puppy experts at The Barking Boutique provide puppy adoption services for the following dog breeds:

In addition to putting a major emphasis on puppy breed education and dog adoption services, The Barking Boutique provides high-quality puppy supplies and puppy accessories to help families keep the newest member of their family entertained and healthy!

By working many years in pet stores, owner David Boelkes gained extensive knowledge on dog care. It is through these experiences, that David strived to make The Barking Boutique Canine Care Certified , creating a community of puppy lovers, committed to joining responsible puppy breeders of all sizes with caring individuals and families.

The Barking Boutique has a zero-tolerance policy for puppy mills or in working with breeders that have substandard breeding practices of any kind.

If you are interested in hearing more about any of our Big Rapids puppy adoption services , please contact the Big Rapids puppy adoption experts at (616) 446-6766. AtThe Barking Boutique, we take pride in helping our loving puppies find their forever home!

Voted top 3 pet stores in West Michigan by revue magazine!

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