Tips for Raising Happy Apartment Puppies!

Gone are the days and misconceptions of all dogs living in homes with lavish backyards. There are breeds that thrive in small environments!

You can raise happy condo or apartment puppies. It just takes a little more planning and foresight. Follow these tips when considering adding a dog to your apartment.

Research, research and more research!

Firstly, you want to be absolutely realistic about what kind of dog you want and if they’re actually well suited for apartment life. Most large dog breeds won’t gel well in small spaces, so small to medium sized dogs are recommended. Big dogs may become frustrated with being cooped in tight spaces and may resort to destructive behavior like chewing or scratching.

A little preparation goes a long way

Once you’ve decided on the apartment puppies you want to have, you want to puppy proof and prepare your house. Protect your floors. Put some items like potted plants in higher places, so that curious pups won’t inspect them. Educate yourself on harmful foods for dogs and keep them away. Create a space specifically for your dog, by getting a dog bed, some toys and food and water bowls. If you have the room, create two spaces for your dog to enjoy and rest. You’ll also want to find a place for their crate.

Take a look at your schedule

You, most assuredly, need to create a routine. Dogs thrive best when they have one. Feed him at the same times in the same places every single day. Take them for walks at the same time. It might not be immediately evident, but they will become more compliant with a consistently executed routine.

Apartment puppies still need exercise

Now that your dog has joined your home, you’ll soon learn that apartments puppies will need exercise just like dogs that dwell in larger homes. They are excitable and need to burn that energy. Take them for at least two walks a day. Socialize them by allowing them to run freely in neighborhood dog parks. You’ll thank us later. Promise!

Invest in some training classes

Lastly, get professional training and make it a priority. No one wants a dog who barks incessantly or won’t listen to your commands. It can make life unbearable and you’ll question your decision to have apartment puppies. If you’re unable to actually obtain or attend professional training, invest in books or other training techniques via YouTube. Remember, consistency is key!

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