Saint Bernard Fun and Interesting Facts – Part 2 - The Barking Boutique

Saint Bernard Fun and Interesting Facts – Part 2

Here, we present part two of our three-part series highlighting sensational Saint Bernard puppies and adult dogs!

Below are 15 additional facts about these big drooling beauties:

  • Artist Edward Lanseer painted a portrait of a Saint Bernard rescuing travelers in the snow carrying a keg of brandy around its neck. This was actually a fictitious painting but somehow it was thought to be true for many many years!


  • Barry, the Saint Bernard, was the most famous rescue dog at the St. Bernard Hospice. He is said to have saved between 40 and 100 people.


  • Saints have been credited with saving nearly 2000 people from the harsh elements of the Alps. A 12 year old boy who was found close to death in the snow was brought back to consciousness by a famous Saint.


  • Invest in some lint brushes and a strong vacuum because Saint Bernard puppies lose their coats twice a year and they shed a lot year-round!


  • The original Saint Bernard was the size of a German Shepherd Dog.


  • Saint Bernard puppies will grow to weigh between 130 and 200 pounds.


  • The first Saint Bernard Breed Club was organized in Basel, Switzerland in 1884.


  • The Saint Bernard Club of America was established in 1888.


  • Saint Bernard puppies rank 50th on the most popular breed list according to the American Kennel Club.


  • The St. Bernard Club of America has over 83,000 dogs registered in their system.


  • One of the most famous Saint Bernards is the namesake of the movie Beethoven.


  • Saints are closely related to Bernese Mountain dogs, English Mastiffs, and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.


  • Napoleon and his army crossed the mountains between 1790 and 1810 with Saint Bernards by their sides and there were no losses of life!


  • They are highly intelligent dogs. Did you know they were never trained to be rescue dogs? Saint Bernard puppies actually just followed the lead of the older dogs.


  • A Saint Bernard named Hercules was credited with saving his family just 6 hours after he was adopted. He captured a thief breaking into a car and held him by the leg until official help arrived!

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