The Barking Boutique works with a variety of quality breeders, but we make sure the same quality of facilities and puppy treatment is present with every breeder.

Our dogs are played with daily by the breeder and their family. The dogs also have kennel mates with them and get out into the play yards for fun and exercise everyday!

Our breeders have facilities with features including:

  • The dogs have indoor/outdoor access 24 hours a day
  • Radiant heated floors to maintain appropriate temperatures
  • Use Geothermal technology to keep kennels cool and well ventilated
  • Daystar sky lights for natural lighting is used
  • Dogs are played with daily by the breeder and their family. Dogs also kennel mates with them, and get out into the play yards every day!

Our Breeders have a retirement program for their dogs — most are retired around age 5 or 6, and we re-home them!

If you are interested in hearing more about our puppy breeders or are interested in any of our puppy adoptions, please contact our Grand Rapids dog specialists at (616)446-6766.

Meet Our Breeders

Acorn Ridge Kennels - Mark Yoder

Breezy Crest - David Troyer

Cedar Grove - David Nisley

Cedar Lake - Howard Yoder

Clover Ridge Kennels

Country Lane

Country Side - Ura

Dale Loveland

Daniel Yoder

David Lee

Dayne's Ridge



John Henry Miller

Jonas Hostetler

Locust Creek

Maple Lawn - Melvin Nisley

Melvin Miller

Oak Ridge

Pleasant View - Leroy Yoder

Pondview - Melvin Yoder

Rocky Knoll Kennel - Menno Yoder

Samuel Beiler

Samuel Mast

Shadow Valley - Vernon Troyer

Shady Ridge - Elias Mast

Skyline View

Stephen Shrock

Stoney Creek - Ivan Troyer

Sunny Lane - Henry Yoder

Sunset Kennel

Taylor Ridge - James Ivan Yoder

That'll Do Kennel - Esther Schlabach