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Puppy Adoption Buffalo, NY & Grand Rapids, MI

Puppy Adoption at The Barking Boutique

Your West Michigan & Western New York Source for Purebred & Purpose-Bred Puppies!

The Barking Boutique is the most responsible source for people interested in puppy adoption in West Michigan and Western New York. We have the greatest selection of purpose-bred and purebred puppies for sale as well as high-quality puppy supplies and accessories.

We are locally founded and owned — not a franchise. Since we strive to be the new standard, our team personally inspects and approves the breeders with whom we work; requiring oversized housing, play yards and socialization plans.

Why do we follow such high standards? To ensure your puppy is a healthy, happy and well-socialized addition to your family. We know that happy and healthy puppy parents lead to happy and healthy pups! Browse our selection of available puppies.

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Puppy Adoption Packages

At The Barking Boutique, we make sure that each one of our puppies is happy and healthy when they meet their new family. We hold ourselves and the breeders we work with to the highest standards and aim to improve the life of each puppy.

  • 1 Year congenital health promise
  • 30 Days of AKC Pet Insurance (up to a $1,500 value)
  • 5 generation pedigree on most puppies
  • Initial de-worming

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