How To Prepare For Adopting a Puppy

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If your home is about to be blessed with a new furry friend, make sure you take a bit of time to properly prepare for adopting a puppy. While you’re undoubtedly feeling super excited, the new environment can also be somewhat stressful for the pup.

By taking just a few important steps, you can help your new dog easily transition into their forever home, and reduce your stress regarding the entire process! Here’s what to do when you’re bringing home a new puppy:

Adopting a Puppy? Here’s How To Prepare

Prepare the Home

Start by creating a safe, puppy-centric place in your home where the dog can feel comfortable. Get them toys, treats, a comfy bed, and anything else you think your pup might need to feel at ease.

Regardless if you plan to let your pup into every room of your house or apartment, it’s a good idea to start small. Limit their exposure to just one room at a time to let them ease into the process. When you bring your pup home, take them to their puppy space and let them explore!

Reinforce Good Behavior from the Very First Moment

Many new dog owners feel anxious when it comes to training a new pup, from getting them not to pee on the carpet to even learning some tricks. It’s important to start praising or even offering treats for good behavior right from the start, to help your pup understand what sort of behavior is acceptable for them.

Introduce the Pup to Their New Family

Of course, everyone in your family can’t wait to meet the new pup! But it’s important to take it slow and try not to overwhelm the dog.

Once they are settled into their safe space, you can slowly introduce them to their new family. Be sure to tell your family members to have a calm demeanor when interacting with the pup, and just let him sniff and get close to them on his own terms. It’s very tempting to pick up the pup and give him a hug, but maybe save them for later, when the puppy is more comfortable!

Create a Routine and Stick with It

Dogs need a routine, and it’s much easier to establish it if you start early on. So when it comes to walks, playtime, and even meals, try to create a schedule for your pup. Over time, they will anticipate on their own when it’s time to go for a walk or when they’re about to get a treat!

Start Enforcing Rules

Redirect your pup from any unwanted behavior from day one, whether it’s chewing on the couch, or stretching at something inside the home. Don’t yell or punish your pup for this behavior – they’re just exploring!

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