How To Keep Your Dog Safe & Healthy This Spring

Keep Your Dog Safe Healthy Spring Buffalo, NY Puppy Adoption

After a few months of darkness and cold, both you and your dog might be looking forward to the spring! It’s sunnier, warmer, the days and longer, and your dog is likely antsy to spend even more time outside.

But, warmer days can also mean certain threats to your pup’s health are coming back too. Use this short guide to keep your dog safe and healthy during this spring and even summer!

Keeping Your Puppy Safe & Healthy This Season

1.) Use Heartworm, Fleas, and Ticks Prevention

If you already live in a warm area, then your pup is likely constantly receiving these pest prevention methods, but for those of us where the sun doesn’t shine all year round, it’s time to readjust. As the temperature rises, the pests that love to bite our pups return as well, so it’s important to make sure your dog is protected against heartworm, fleas, and ticks before you go out into the sun – and the green grass!

2.) Don’t Overdo It in the First Weekend

The dog is not the only one excited about the spring. Dog owners can also be quite antsy to get out for some fresh air, but it’s important to take it slow. Don’t try to recover 3-4 months of staying indoors because of the cold weather on the first weekend. Take it slow, and ease both of yourselves into it.

This will help you both have enough energy to go out every single day, even if just for half an hour!

3.) Take Your Pup to the Vet for a Check-up

Spring is the perfect season to take your dog to the vet, assess their health, vaccination schedule, and even their spay and neutering procedures in case you haven’t done that yet. Since your pet will likely spend more time outside during the spring, make sure they are protected against bacteria, germs, pests, and even other dogs!

4.) Shed Excess Weight

If your dog has gained a bit of weight over the winter, this is perfectly normal, since they were likely less active. Be sure to schedule lots of playtimes to help them burn some of it off! If you’re concerned, you may also need to speak to their vet to see about any potential dietary changes. Excess weight in dogs is just as harmful as for people – it increases their risk of heart disease and even arthritis!

5.) Be Mindful of Allergies

People aren’t the only ones with allergies flaring up during the spring. Pups can be just as sensitive to all the pollen and particles in the air. If you notice your pup is sneezing a lot, breathing irregularly, has skin irritation, or is even constantly itching, these may be signs of seasonal allergies. Talk to your vet about how to properly manage them.

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