Best Dog Breeds For Men

Best Dog Breeds For Men

What Are The Best Dog Breeds For Men?

The best dog breeds for men is a rather objective topic. Other than your personal preferences, any dog CAN be the best dog breed for a man. However, the moment you decide to welcome a furry friend into your life, you should keep a few things in mind to ensure that you will be a good match.

If you are an active man and enjoy being outside, going on hikes, or hunting, then it would be best to choose a more energetic dog. On the other hand, if you prefer spending your time indoors or if you are working long hours, then maybe it’s best to choose a dog with a calmer personality.

With that in mind, here are the best dog breeds for men

Australian Shepherd

This is the perfect breed for someone active. They are highly energetic and intelligent. They are also easy to train and the perfect running companion, but the energy they have also makes them bore easily, which is something you should keep in mind.

Bernese Mountain Dog

These dogs are playful, intelligent, and enjoy sports. It’s quite easy to teach them new tricks and they enjoy socializing. As such, they are great with other pets, very affectionate, and easy to train.

American Bulldog

These dogs are very protective and loyal. They have amazing health and get along very well with families and children. They are fearless, energetic, and enjoy being active. They are easy to train and it’s important to channel their protective energy towards positive outcomes.


These dogs can impress with their muscular bodies, and even get the sense they might be aggressive. In turn, they get on very well with children and are a good family pet as they can be very affectionate. Don’t count on them as watchdogs, as they are very friendly and like to socialize.

English Bulldog

This is the perfect dog if you like spending your weekends on the couch, watching TV. English Bulldogs are not very active, but have good health and enjoy relaxing.

German Shepherd

Being very intelligent dogs, German Shepherds are often trained to become police dogs, guide dogs, or watchdogs. They are very confident, agile, and beautiful. They are energetic and enjoy playing, but they are not that sociable, and they do not enjoy being with other dogs.


These beautiful and highly intelligent dogs are perfect for an active guy. However, they need a person who is very patient as they are very stubborn and challenging to train. They are very independent and don’t get along with other dogs but can make a good partner for people that are working on their social skills.

The Best Dog Breeds at The Barking Boutique

These are just some of the dog breeds that can fit most lifestyles and personalities. Consider your needs as well as the dogs before you make your decision. A puppy from The Barking Boutique will suit you perfectly no matter your personality. View our puppies here or contact our locations in Grand Rapids and Buffalo, NY!

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