Are Golden Retrievers Good Family Dogs?

Are Golden Retrievers Good Family Dogs?

Family Dogs or No?

From 2013 to 2018, the golden retriever’s topped the American Kennel Club’s most popular breeds list. Take a walk around the block, and you’ll probably notice that many families have this breed playing in their yard. With how friendly and loyal golden retrievers are, it’s no wonder why they’re the most popular dog around. From young singles to older people with grandchildren, they’re loved by people all around. But are golden retrievers good family dogs? Read this article to find out all about these lovable pups!

Are Golden Retrievers the Best Family Dog?

If you’re skeptical about dogs, don’t be; there are so many reasons to love them, especially golden retrievers. Out of all family puppy breeds, they’re the most highly sought after. Are you wondering: are golden retrievers good family dogs? Then you should know that they’re one of the best-rated family dogs.

In fact, you might say that they’re the perfect family dog breed. When a golden retriever and family interact, it comes very naturally, as they’re very eager to please and well-tempered.

You rarely run into golden retriever behavior issues because of their eagerness to please their owners. The most you’d experience is chewing, jumping, and digging, which can all be rectified with training. So the golden retriever is a good family dog. If you have children, another question you may have is: are golden retrievers good with kids? Unfortunately, some dog breeds can be great with teenagers and adults, but terrible with younger children.

The good news is, golden retrievers are good with kids! So if you’re looking for dogs that make good family pets, this is one to look at. They make perfect family dogs.

What Is the Temperament of a Golden Retriever?

In general, these are even-tempered dogs. The retriever personality is very even-keeled, which means they’re very predictable.

The field golden retriever temperament is a bit more hyperactive, while the regular golden retriever temperament is a bit more laidback. This is because the field dog is bred for hunting. Of course, the personality traits of a golden retriever will depend on the individual dog, so it’s possible to get one that’s not very typical.

The gold retriever personality is usually settled, especially in adults. As puppies, they’ll probably have a more playful personality and then mellow out when they grow up. Of course, the golden retriever personality type isn’t set in stone. The way you raise and train them can affect their temperament as well.

Can a Golden Retriever Be Aggressive?

The golden retriever temper is not bad at all. They’re very patient dogs, but considering they’re living beings, there will always be a point where you might get an aggressive golden retriever. So at some point, you may wonder: why is my golden retriever aggressive? Take a moment to assess how the conditions are like for your dog.

For instance, if they’re abused and neglected as puppies, you may run into golden retriever behavior issues. An angry golden retriever isn’t pleasant to deal with, but thankfully, this is fixable. Training golden retrievers not to bite is doable. So if your golden retriever is mean, make sure to give it thorough behavioral training to get a better-behaved dog.

You may also have the question: are gold retrievers protective? Yes, they’re very much so. Golden retriever behavior in this area is good though, as they’ll always remain by your side to protect you from harm.

Are Golden Retrievers Easy to Train?

When owning a dog, training is a big task, especially if the dog you’ve chosen is prone to bad behavior and doesn’t listen to authority. Is a golden retriever easy to train? Exactly how easy is it to train a golden retriever? Are golden retrievers smart even?

Well, you’ll be relieved to know that they’re one of the easiest breeds to train. There’s a reason why they’re often used as service dogs. Not only are they incredibly intelligent, but as previously mentioned, they love to please their owners.

How do you train a golden retriever though? You can always read some books or bring your pup to a professional dog trainer. They can give you some wonderful tips for raising a golden retriever puppy.

If you choose to do golden retriever housebreaking on your own, you’ll have to have a bit of patience, especially if you’ve never owned a dog before. But with the right golden retriever puppy training techniques under your belt, it should be relatively smooth sailing.

When to start obedience training for your golden retriever will depend on your personal preferences. But in general, the sooner the better. Housebreaking a golden retriever will be easier if you start with a golden retriever puppy training schedule.

So are golden retrievers easy to train? Are golden retrievers obedient? We’d certainly say so! Housebreaking a golden retriever puppy will be so easy that you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

Are Golden Retrievers Hard to Take Care Of?

Looking after a golden retriever is a very pleasant thing to do. If you’ve ever read a golden retriever care guide, then you’ll know that golden retriever puppy care is relatively easy. How do you take care of a golden retriever? By giving them plenty of love, of course!

If you have the question of how to take care of a new golden retriever puppy, you won’t have to worry much. When taking care of a golden retriever puppy, make sure they get properly acclimated with their new home and that they get plenty of exercise. By knowing how to take care of golden retriever newborn puppies, it’ll be less stressful for both you and your dog.

For golden retriever puppy care and feeding, give them food twice a day with around 1/2 cup of dry food for each meal. Groom them 2 to 3 times a week.

When it comes to how to take care of a golden retriever, it’s very similar. You’ll want to still groom them several times weekly. However, you’ll want to increase the amount of food to 2 cups per day for females and 3.5 cups per day for males.

Are Golden Retrievers Good for First-Time Owners?

The million-dollar question is: is the golden retriever a good first dog? The answer is a resounding “yes!” In fact, they’re one of the best starter dogs around.

Remember how we said they have a very good temperament? And that if you’re looking for the most well-behaved dog breeds, it’s the golden retriever? Both of these factors make them the best first dog to buy.

Because they’re so well-behaved, they’re often used as professional working dogs. You can count on them to stay by your side and listen to every command. Golden retrievers are definitely the best dogs to own for first-time owners.

If you’re feeling apprehensive and unsure about getting a dog for your household, then let this article quell your fears, especially this section. Not only are they super obedient, but they also get along with kids very well. So it’s obvious what the best dog breed for a first owner is.

What Are the Disadvantages of Owning a Golden Retriever?

You know the advantages of golden retriever ownership now. But are there any reasons why not to get a golden retriever? As with all dogs, there are both pros and cons to having a golden retriever. For example, they can be prone to some health conditions, such as pigmentary uveitis, and hips and elbow dysplasia.

This may make for some hefty vet bills, which can drive the cost of owning a golden retriever way up. But if you get your pup from a reputable and ethical breeder, there’ll be less of a chance of that happening. When owning a golden retriever, you’ll also need lots of space. So if you live in a tiny apartment, that won’t do. 

In the end, when you look at the pros and cons of having a golden retriever, the benefits of having a golden retriever far outweigh the disadvantages.

Do Golden Retrievers Smell?

To be honest, you will notice a golden retriever smell. Why do golden retrievers stink? Why does my golden retriever smell?

Well, this is because like all other dogs, they have water-resistant fur and oils in it. The longer they go unwashed, the more they’ll smell.

So basically, golden retriever body odor occurs just like human BO does. Wondering how to keep golden retrievers from smelling? Easy; just give them regular baths!

What Should I Know Before Buying a Golden Retriever?

Before bringing home a golden retriever puppy, there are some things you should know. For instance, how much walking does a golden retriever need? (Up to 60 minutes a day)

Or what do golden retrievers eat (Meat and veggies, as well as canned foods and kibble)? Or are golden retrievers loyal to their owners? (Yes, they are!) Once you know the basics, then you’re pretty much set. So your next question is: where can I get a golden retriever puppy near me?

You should try and get a baby golden retriever for adoption from a reputable breeder. How to pick a golden retriever puppy would be to just play with each one and figure out which one takes a liking to you. An instant bond means a forever friend!

Golden Retrievers at The Barking Boutique

As you can see by the information in this article, golden retrievers make good family dogs! So what are you waiting for? Your newest family member is waiting for you to pick him up in the near future.

If you’d like to adopt a golden retriever puppy for your family, contact us here or call us directly at (616) 446-6766. We’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have!

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