Why Puppies?

Puppies Grand Rapids, MI

One question people often ask us is, "Why do you sell puppies instead of rescues?"

This is a great question, backed by a concern for all animals to have a loving home, and understandably so.

There are several reasons why:

In West Michigan, we have an excellent shelter and rescue program that gives so many second chances to dogs in our area. Shelters are often not full in West Michigan, which is great. However, since they are not full, dogs from southern states are transported to West Michigan shelters. We are not competing with local shelters, nor adding to a local dog over-population.

Families and individuals that are looking for a specific breed, personality, or characteristics may not be able to find their forever friend in a shelter or rescue. This leads them to Google, which reveals that in West Michigan there are a limited number of breeders and breeds. Many people are left with little choice other than driving to pick up their desired dog themselves (which could be anywhere from 50 - 1,000 miles away), or having the breeder ship the dog on a plane, which can cause unnecessary stress on the dog.

The puppies we are bringing to West Michigan come from responsible and ethical breeders that meet our strict criteria, which go far above and beyond USDA criteria, and stems from attending canine welfare forums led by the nation’s top veterinarians. Our dog breeders are proud of their dogs and kennels, and their facilities include features like climate-controlled heated floors, tile walls and floors for cleanliness, indoor/outdoor access, exercise/socialization yards and retirement plans. We meet and play with these dogs in person and transport them personally back to our store.

Our goal is to eliminate the black market of puppies on Craigslist and coming from bad breeders. There is room for all shelters, rescues, breeders and pet stores to work together to bring responsibly bred puppies to pet owners in West Michigan in a transparent process.

If you are interested in hearing more about our puppy breeders or are interested in any of our puppy adoptions, please contact our Grand Rapids dog specialists at (616) 446-6766.