5 Training Tips For Your New Puppy

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Have you recently adopted a new puppy and are looking to train him? The puppy training process can be a very fun process, but it can also come with its challenges.

For that reason, the puppy adoption specialists at The Barking Boutique have put together some helpful training tips to help you with your new puppy addition!

#1 Be Patient — Remember your puppy is just baby. They don’t know right from wrong quite yet and it may take some time before they fully do. You will have accidents, etc. in the beginning. That is completely normal and it is important to stay calm and simply be patient. Remember above all your puppy just wants to please you!

#2 Consistency is Key — You need to keep consistent with your puppy routines as well as your training to prevent confusion. You can tell him one thing one day and then tell him something different the following day. If you consistently stop the puppy in the middle of wrong-doing with a stern “NO”, that should make your point and help your puppy learn.

#3 Remember You are in Charge — Dogs are intelligent animals and will be able to tell if you have confidence in yourself. You need to command your puppy with confidence and lead with confidence. Not only will confidence let your puppy know who’s in charge, but it will rub off on you when you see success!

#4 Use Treats — Puppies love a yummy treat! Treats are a great way to motivate your puppies to learn new training! If your puppy does something right, reward them with a treat. Positive reinforcement can be a very powerful puppy training tool!

#5 Enroll in a Puppy Class — Not only will you benefit from the instructions of a professional and the other “parents” in the class, your puppy begins socializing with other dogs and people.

If you are interested in our Grand Rapids puppy adoption services, please contact our puppy experts at (616) 446-6766. At The Barking Boutique, we take pride in preparing families the best we can for their new puppy addition!

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