What To Expect From Your New Puppy

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Puppyhood is often compared to parenthood and for many of the same reasons.

A puppy is just a baby and needs a lot of attention and time in the beginning. The puppy adoption specialists at The Barking Boutique have put together a few quick reference tips on what your family should expect with your new puppy addition in the first week or so.

Before Your Puppy Comes Home

Make Time! – Puppies need to set up a routine starting day one. This will help get him on a regular schedule and be beneficial to you and him! This routine could include a puppy feeding schedule, taking them for walks, or simply putting aside time to play with them.Avoid Too Much Stimulation – Avoid bringing your new family member to their new home over birthdays, holidays, or other special occasion that would involve large groups. This can be overwhelming to your nervous new puppy. We recommend that you use your first week or two to bond and get to know each other.

Getting Your Puppy Settled

Feed Him What He’s Used To – This sounds like a small detail, but it can really help your puppy adjust. Everything will be new and can be a bit stressful. By giving him something familiar it will make him more comfortable as he transitions into his new home. Also, this can help build routine if you feed him at the same place and time every feeding. If you do plan to change up your puppy’s diet, slowly increase amounts of the new stuff to lessen the mount of the old – do this over a week to a week and a half.

Encourage Good Behavior, Discourage Bad Behavior – But Be Fair!

Visit the Veterinarian – Your veterinarian should be one of the first people your puppy meets. Make sure you get all the immunization information and your vet can begin a case history on his new patient.

Continue to Grow

Be the Alpha – Make sure your puppy knows who is the boss. Be confident in training your puppy so he knows that he can learn who is the one making the rules!

Find Some Friends – As soon as your puppy is cleared by your vet, you should begin to introduce your puppy to new people and dogs. Do so in a gradual, controlled and safe setting. Don’t go too quick! Make sure it is a fun experience for all. Socialization is key to making sure your puppy becomes a “good citizen” and helps encourage good behavior.

If you are interested in our Grand Rapids puppy adoption services, please contact our puppy experts at (616) 446-6766. At The Barking Boutique, we take pride in preparing families the best we can for their new puppy addition!

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