Why Summer is the Best Time to Adopt a Puppy

Why Summer is the Best Time to Adopt a Puppy Grandville, MI

Have you been thinking about getting a puppy? Does your heart melt when you look at our puppies for adoption? While each family is different, many people find it easier to adopt a puppy during the summer. Not only are the children home from school to help out, but the weather will be nice enough to spend time outdoors. Since we are an adoption center for puppies, you can count on our advice for bringing home a new puppy. Continue reading to learn why summer is one of the best times to adopt a puppy.

Warm Weather

If your puppy has a short coat, they will be sensitive to cold temperatures. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about keeping your puppy warm in the summer. Summer is perfect weather for walking your puppy and playing fetch in the backyard. If you and your kids have spent previous years cooped up inside, a puppy can be a great way to encourage the whole family to enjoy the pleasant weather and spend time together.

Keep in mind that you will still need to take precautions to keep your new puppy safe during the summer. Never leave your puppy in a parked car, even for a moment. Cars tend to bake in the sun, rising to dangerously high temperatures that could threaten your puppy’s life.

To protect your puppy’s paws, avoid hot asphalt and walk on grass instead. Puppy paws can burn, which is why you may want to buy booties. If the weather is going to be really hot, limit exercise or try to schedule it in the morning or evening when the sun isn’t at its highest.

Easier to Potty Train

No one likes to be outside when it’s cold and dark, including your puppy. If you decide to adopt this summer, you’ll have an easier time house training a puppy. This is because your puppy won’t be as resistant to doing their business outside when the weather is pleasant. The same can’t be said in the middle of December when your yard is filled with snow. While a potty training puppy still requires patience and persistence, you’ll have an easier time in the summer than if you wait until late fall.

Predictable Routines

After the holidays, your life should return to a predictable routine. Many people find it easier to adopt a puppy during the summer because they aren’t traveling to meet relatives or planning Christmas parties. Instead, you can enjoy spending time with the latest member of your family. If you’re interested in getting a puppy this summer, check out our puppies for sale.

Kids are on Summer Vacation

Once your kids are out of school, they’ll be able to spend more time with the puppy. Adopting a puppy is a great opportunity for your child to learn kindness, patience, and responsibility. Depending on the age of your child, you may encourage them to do small puppy care tasks. For example, a 10-year-old can be trusted to fill the puppy’s food and water bowls. Caring for and training your puppy is easier when more family members are home.

The first few months after you buy a puppy are critical for teaching your newest pet how to behave around humans. We’re sure your children will have no problem giving the new puppy plenty of snuggles and playtime. Now only does a puppy keep your children entertained, but it also teaches them how to be gentle with animals. The more your new puppy bonds with your family, the more loyal he or she will be.

The Barking Boutique in Grand Rapids is an adoption center for puppies. We offer a variety of dog breeds (like golden retriever puppies) for your family. We make it our mission to help puppies find their forever homes with loving families. If you are interested in adopting one of our purebred puppies, or have any questions, call (616) 446-6766.

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