5 Commands You Need to Teach Your Purebred Puppy

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Teaching your new puppy to obey basic commands will not only help them learn what to expect from you, but will also be good for their safety. Your purebred puppy can begin wearing a collar and learning to accept praise when they’re around eight weeks old. Basic commands can start being taught once they are between 12 and 16 weeks old. Each training session should last between 5 and 10 minutes and always end with spoken praise and/or a doggy treat.

In this blog post, you will learn how to train your puppy to obey five simple commands. Hopefully these puppy training tips will help you on your journey of being a puppy owner. Caring for purebred puppies means you’ll have to get them started on a puppy training schedule.

1. Come

First you’ll want to find a quiet indoor area to train your purebred puppy. Fewer distractions in the environment will help your puppy make connections between their actions and consequences. Squat down and open your arms wide. Say the word “Come” and give them verbal encouragement when they start moving toward you. Keep your tone of voice happy so your new purebred puppy learns to enjoy training sessions. When your puppy reaches you, reward them with a pat on the head and a tasty puppy treat.

It’s important that you let your puppy come to you during this process. If your puppy is particularly stubborn (which may be the case with certain puppy breeds) you may slowly approach them, attach their leash to their collar, and gently guide them to where you wanted them to go. Teaching your puppy to come when you call is important for their safety if they ever get loose.

2. Heel

For your puppy’s health and happiness, you’ll need to take them on walks in your neighborhood. For this reason, it’s important to teach them how to walk by your side without pulling forward on the leash. To tell your puppy to “heel” means that they are expected to walk on your left side and keep up with your steps so their head is even with your left knee. This will prevent your puppy from pulling you around the neighborhood or trying to run away.

To train your puppy to heel, you’ll want to hold their leash in your left hand and their favorite squeaky toy in your right. Next, hold the toy in front of your puppy so that they have an incentive to move forward and walk with you. If your puppy becomes distracted, squeeze the toy so it makes a sound and give encouragement once you attract their attention. Walk with your puppy for 20 to 30 seconds before giving them a break.

3. Sit

Before teaching your puppy to sit, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of dog treats. First, you’ll want to sit down in front of your puppy. Hold out a dog treat by their nose to get their attention and say “Sit.” Before your puppy has a chance to gobble the treat, slowly raise it above their head. Most dogs will naturally sit as they follow the treat. If they don’t, gently push down on their bottom until they’re in a sitting position.

4. Stay

You must teach your dog to sit before teaching them to stay. First, make sure your dog is on their leash and sitting on your left side. Next, turn to face your puppy, hold your hand up to their face and say “Stay.” Take one to two steps from your puppy, making sure the leash stays loose. After a brief moment, go back to your original position and gently place your foot on the leash to decrease the slack so they can’t jump up. Use your release word and give them a treat.

5. Lie Down

Have your dog sit down next to you and place your right hand behind their front legs. Say “Down”, gently press down on the shoulders, and bring out their front legs until they’re lying down. Praise your puppy for a few seconds and stroke their back before giving them a treat. Over time, your puppy will learn to lie down without as much prompting.

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